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• Couples Emergency Stop with Proximity Safety

• Small portal RFID tags integrated with E-Stops provide exceptional alert, notification and warning of operators or personnel behind or near large vehicle.

• Designed for fast portable ease of use.

• Factory Configurable Software to meet your controls needs

• Multiple Modes

• Red- Person is in Danger

• Yellow –Warning Personnel nearby

• Green- All Clear

• Transmitter 1 Test function and one STOP

• RF Range 1500 ft inside to 5000 ft outside (LOS)

• ISM band operation, 256AES Encryption

• Weatherproof magnet mount antenna

• Operates from vehicle power

• TX uses standard AA batteries

• Ruggedized TX for heavy duty use

• Automatic Remote Finder for lost or misplaced transmitter

First Responder & Industrial Safety - CMPSA 5000

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