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• National Security Agencycertified Suite B Cryptographic High Value Product for Secret and Below applications

• Multiple radio frequencies for anti-jamming, high reliability, redundancy and diversity, and load-balancing

• Rajant’s InstaMesh® networking software, enabling the network to quickly adapt to rapidly deployed and quickly or constantly moving network elements

• Dust-tight and waterresistant enclosures that are able to withstand hostile environments with conditions such as temperature extremes, wind, rain, snow, dust, and vibrations

• Scalability to hundreds of mobile high-bandwidth nodes

• Fast and easy deployment, especially important for establishing ad-hoc networks

• Fully redundant, self-healing mesh technology

• BC|Commander application for Windows or Linux for easy configuration and continuous remote monitoring of Huntsman© Secure Network Radio and mesh network link quality

Huntsman Secure Network Radio LX4-SAB

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