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• Industrial Wireless Modem with Sensor

• Optional  2 Dry contact 10A 240VAC or DC ready

• Solid State AC or DC capable relays

• Factory Configurable Software to meet your controls needs

• Multiple Modes

• Momentary – Flashing

• Latching or maintained with Times

• Combination of momentary or maintained

• USB Gateway  with antenna- Works on Leaky Feeders

• RF Range 1500 ft inside to 5000 ft outside (LOS)

• VHF, UHF or ISM band options

• Weatherproof magnet mount antenna

• Operates on 120VAC for North America, 240 VAC for worldwide or direct 12.5 VDC to input

• TX uses standard AA or D cell batteries for remote use

• Inputs TTL, RS485, RS232 or USB

• Output Direct TTL, Dry contact relay and 0-10V PWM

• Monitor and Control Software to keep assets tracked and service testing done remotely

Industrial Sensors & Modems - CMNET

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