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  •    Connection to JPS equipment with RoIP
  •    Wireless Carrier Independent and Cross Carrier Capable
  •    Fast Call Setup, Excellent Voice Quality
  •    Instant Secure PTT Voice and Group Text Communications
  •    Text and Photo Messaging Capability
  •    Live and Historical (Bread Crumb) Location Tracking
  •    ISSI Integration for P25 Networks
  •    AIS Integration for DMR Networks
  •    In-Call Preemption and Priority-Based Call Override
  •    Late Join and Re-Join on Group Calls
  •    Presence for Groups and Individual Contacts
  •    Complete User Account Management by Administrators using a Web-based GUI
  •    SIPREC Interface provides 24 hour Playback of Audio Calls
  •    Path to Mission Critical PTT (MCPTT)


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