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  • Provides up to a sixteen second message
  • Adjustable message time
  • Can be used for alarms, startup warnings, alert to conditions, safety hazards, weather reports, routine announcements, or any message needed
  • Message repeats after a timed delay.(optional)
  • Provides drive for all 12 VDC pag-ing LoudMouth systems
  • Testing fixture available for self-pro-graming
  • Start signal can be +12 VDC or dry contact
  • NEDA 926 batteries (2) or 12 VDC powered
  • Spring-loaded push terminals for phone line
  • Messages can be programmed to operate Comtrol’s DTMF Control Receivers or “Touch Tone” Telephone Receivers
  • Stainless steel construction, Type 304 brushed finish
  • MSHA Approved unit


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