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  •     SNMP Support Coming Q3 2020
  •     Bring voter audio to/from your remote sites using your network or IP microwave
  •     Allows use of existing private network infrastructure, eliminating the need for leased lines
  •     IP Backhaul sites use loss of multiple consecutive audio packets as the trigger for faulting an RX              site, removing it from voting consideration until the next unsquelch event
  •     Interfaces easily with standard dispatch consoles
  •     Detects and generates EIA key-tones in addition to hard PTT
  •     Can repeat voted audio
  •     Controllable locally or remotely via IP
  •     Wide range of automatic and manual transmit steering features
  •     Audio delay ensures no loss of initial syllables
  •     System expansion to 60 sites
  •     System statistics and ability to monitor voted audio available via IP
  •     Dispatcher audio may take precedence over voted retransmissions, or may be set to mix with the                repeated audio
  •     Front panel LEDs assist easy setup and ongoing system diagnostics
  •     Enables the formulation of low cost, extremely flexible radio communications networks


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